● Important notice of price increase of frozen ramen and discontinuation of sales of microwave-type frozen ramen

Thank you for always favouring Raijin's frozen ramen.

From April 1st, we will raise the price of frozen ramen and stop selling microwave-type frozen ramen.


It's been almost a year since we started selling frozen ramen. Frozen ramen was born from the hope to somehow deliver Raijin's ramen to customers because COVID-19 made it impossible to eat and drink in the restaurant. I'm really happy that the frozen ramen is pleased by everyone.


Frozen ramen uses the same ingredients as the ramen provided in the restaurant and is cooked with the same amount of effort. But since the final process of cooking will be done by the customer, we have sold it at a lower price than usual.

However, there are no signs that the COVID-19 will converge at all, and in-store dining has been postponed. The business situation is still severe, and the government's rent and labour cost subsidies will be discontinued at the end of June.


In view of the above, although it is a tough decision, we will raise the price of frozen ramen.


In addition, we will discontinue the sale of microwave-type frozen ramen to improve the business situation.


We appreciate your understanding.


Hiroshi Yoshida


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Hiroshi Yoshida


ramen RAIJIN