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"Raijiro Ramen" for Saucepans
"Raijiro Ramen" for Saucepans
"Raijiro Ramen" for Saucepans

"Raijiro Ramen" for Saucepans

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【Ingredients 】
  • The strong soy sauce based pork broth ramen topped with pork belly cha-shu, chopped garlic, pork back fat, cabbage and bean sprouts.
【Frozen Ramen for Saucepans】
  • Frozen ramen that can be taken out of the bag and put in a saucepan to warm it. Suitable for gas stove, IH stove, electric stove, and less packaging waste.
  • Professional Restaurant Taste! Easy Cooking! Less Packaging Waste!
【Minimum order and Delivery】
  • Order is a minimum of $50 and a delivery fee of $7.
  • Free delivery for purchasing $100 or more !

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Great Packaging and Food

I love how the instructions for my ramen and mochi were included in my package. The vaccumed sealed ramen looks exactly as when you order which is great. The instructions were clear and the food was good. I would definitely order again!

If you like super rich broth and thick noodles, this might be for you

Although I love Ramen Raijin's frozen ramen, this is the first flavour we haven't been too fond of, though I think that's just a matter of personal taste. It is described as having a strong flavour and it certainly is bold in many ways! The broth is extra rich, so much so it has a film on it. That might be because it has 2 pieces of pork belly where other flavours only have one. Also, the noodles are extra thick, between a thick ramen and udon noodle. Finally, it has pieces of garlic for extra flavour, but it leaves a lot of bits at the bottom of the bowl. Too bold for our liking, but may be worth a try if you like rich, strong flavours and chunkier textures!

Ramen feedback

Great service, delicious, only comment a lot of msg in the broth


"Raijiro Ramen" for Saucepans

Ramen at Home

It is great being have remain at home. The frozen ramen is the same taste as eating at shop.