ramen RAIJIN


[ What we want to make happen ]


~ The World We Want to Create ~

Aiming Beyond “Oishii”

”Oishii” means delicious. We continuously explore how to create emotions beyond mere “Oishii” in every aspect of customer experience, not only by enhancing product recipes and operations but also by never ceasing to improve. Results emerge as a consequence of this endless process.

Employee Well-being

We strive to maintain the mental and physical health of our employees, honouring individual dignity and constantly pursuing what contributes to personal happiness. We respect various positions, perspectives, and ways of thinking, exploring diverse work styles that evolve with the times, and continuously seeking the enriching lives of our employees.

Connections Between People, Individuals, and Society

We engage sincerely with employees and customers, building emotional connections and trust. Moreover, we contribute to the local community, ensuring long-term business sustainability with a focus on bringing happiness to everyone involved.


~ Creating Unprecedented Value ~

“Imagination & Creation” 想像と創造

We imagine and create a bright future and the desired vision with dreams and hope. Everything starts with imagination, and beliefs shape challenges, turning thoughts into reality.

“Trial & Error” 試行錯誤

Behind every success lies numerous failures, and behind every failure lies an equal number of challenges. By tolerating failures and persistently embracing challenges, individuals and organizations define their desired identities and ideals.

“Love & Peace” 愛を持って和をなす

We guide the way with logic and move the organization with passion. Operating the organization not based on positions or attitudes but responding to actions with gratitude and engaging in communication based on trust.

Approach to

With the above VISION in mind, and to achieve our MISSION and ensure the continuity of our business, it is imperative to generate profits. Profit should never be the sole purpose; however, it is essential as a means to achieve our goals. Proper profit arises from creating added value, selling products at fair prices, paying fair wages to employees, avoiding harm to all stakeholders, and continuously striving for cost reduction.

Concrete Measures
for Achieving MISSION and VISION

Profit Redistribution “Company as a Community”

We enhance employee benefits and bonuses and distribute profits throughout the company. While this might be seen as a short-term pressure on a company’s profits, from a long-term perspective, it contributes to the company’s continuous development and the realization of individual happiness. Embracing the concept of the “company as a community,” we distribute the profits created collectively among everyone, answering the fundamental question of why and for whom the company exists through action.

Employee Benefits

Group insurance, Paid Sick LeaveEnsuring the mental and physical well-being of employees and creating a secure work environment.Staff parties four times a year, staff meal provision on days offOffering prototype dishes by kitchen staff, enhancing cooking skills, and promoting interaction among employees.Employee purchase system for food items at supplier prices

Bonus System

Twice a year (March and September), a specific amount, calculated based on net profit using a unique method, is distributed to all staff based on hourly wages and total working hours. The bonus for the period from January to June is distributed in September, and the bonus for the period from July to December is distributed in March.

The distribution amount is calculated based on the net profit generated from store operations. From the base amount, corporate taxes and surplus for reinvestment in new stores and facilities are deducted. The remaining amount is multiplied by a certain percentage to determine the bonus distribution. We start with a percentage of 30% and aim for a distribution of 40% in the second year and 50% in the third year.

The rationale behind the 50% figure is that while a business cannot exist without the initial investment and risk-taking by shareholders, the business also cannot succeed without frontline staff. Hence, from the perspective that both shareholders and frontline staff are equally important, we distribute 50% to the staff and 50% to the shareholders. Given the substantial bonus amount received, tax planning through RRSP and asset management through TFSA are recommended. When opening new stores, consider contributing as an owner.


~ Do what you want to do with us ~

"Join the ramen RAIJIN Family: Creating Memorable Experiences in Toronto"

We're inviting new friends to join us at "ramen RAIJIN," where we value the joy of customer compliments like “it was delicious” and “thank you.” Our team, operating in Toronto for over 11 years, looks for individuals who connect with customers, serve excellent ramen with a smile, and grow through teamwork. We aim to maintain a cozy atmosphere in our restaurant through Japanese hospitality and seek like-minded individuals to help us continue creating memorable experiences for our customers.

Employment status


  • Staff (part-time hourly wage $ 16.55 ~ + TIP )
  • On holidays designated by Ontario, Canada, the hourly wage is paid at 1.5 times the normal rate.
  • There are pay raises based on skill and performance.
  • Public Holiday Pay / Vacation Pay paid separately.
  • Paid Sick Leave available → In case of illness or similar reasons, up to 5 days per year can be paid based on the scheduled work hours.
  • Bereavement Leave available → In case of a family or partner's bereavement, up to 2 days per year can be paid.
  • For continuous work of more than 5 hours → Take a total of 30 minutes break. For more than 8 hours of work, take a total of 1 hour break.
  • Salary ... Biweekly payments (by bank transfer)
  • Tips ... Payment days: 5th and around 20th of each month, twice a month (paid in cash)
  • The tip rate varies according to the duration of service, starting at 30%. Distribution is based on each staff member's tip rate and number of working hours.

JOB description

Ramen Kitchen Staff

Key Responsibilities
Ramen Preparation

Skilled in the art of preparing and plating ramen, ensuring each bowl meets our high standards of quality and taste.

Side Dish Preparation

Responsible for the preparation and plating of side dishes, contributing to the overall dining experience.

Dishwashing Duties

Efficiently manage dishwashing tasks to maintain cleanliness and order in the kitchen area.

Kitchen Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen space to uphold health and safety standards.

Frozen Ramen Production

Involved in the process of making and packaging frozen ramen, ensuring product consistency and quality.


This position requires a passion for culinary excellence and a commitment to maintaining a clean and efficient kitchen environment. Previous experience in a similar role is preferred but not essential.

Ramen Server Staff

Key Responsibilities
Customer Service

Delivering polite and friendly service to all customers, ensuring a welcoming and satisfying dining experience.

Serving Food and Drinks

Efficiently serving meals and beverages to guests, ensuring timely delivery and accuracy of orders.

Cocktail Preparation

Ability to prepare simple cocktails, adding a creative touch to our drink offerings.

Smart Serve Certification

Must possess Smart Serve certification (Ontario's alcohol service standard) to legally serve alcoholic beverages.

Dining Area Setup and Maintenance

Ensure a clean, inviting dining hall for service and uphold its cleanliness, adhering to health and safety protocols.

Frozen Ramen Shipping Preparation and Packaging

Preparing frozen ramen products for shipment, ensuring proper packaging and order accuracy.


This position requires a commitment to excellent customer service and a friendly, outgoing demeanor. Experience in food service is preferred, but training will be provided for the right candidate. The ability to multitask and work efficiently under pressure is essential.

Join Our Team
No Experience Required

Welcoming Inexperienced Applicants:
We offer thorough training and support. Your motivation and eagerness to learn are what count.

Flexible Scheduling:
Part-time, working holidays, and various shifts are available to suit your needs, from students to homemakers.

Growth Opportunities:
For those aspiring to full-time roles or managerial positions, we focus on potential and provide necessary training.


We're looking for team members dedicated to providing excellent service, regardless of experience level. Whether you're exploring a career in hospitality or seeking a supportive work environment, we welcome you to apply.


Group insurance enrollment


①Permanent Residents, Canadian citizens, and those with a Work Permit of more than one year

② Working more than 20 hours per week

③Three months have passed since joining the company

*Staff meeting the above conditions can enroll in group insurance.
*There is no personal payment for the insurance premium; it is fully covered by the company.
*Group insurance covers family members and includes life insurance and extended medical benefits.

Transportation Allowance

For Eligible Person A

If the total working hours over 2 weeks exceed 50 hours → Transportation allowance of $39.00

For Eligible Person B

If the total working hours over 2 weeks are between 30 and 49.99 hours → Transportation allowance of $26

Staff Discount


① Available from the second month after joining 

② Can be used up to two weeks after leaving the company

*15% OFF on the price of food, excluding drinks

Child Benefit


*Those working more than 20 hours per week

*$100 per month is provided for each child

Staff Meal

Staff meal on working days

*Meal provided before starting and after finishing work, regardless of the number of hours worked.

*If you want to take a meal home, it's possible if you provide your own container.

Staff meal outside of work

*When visiting, any ramen on the menu is provided free of charge (one bowl).

Purchase of groceries at cost

Eligibility: All staff

*Submit your purchase request by the deadline to the submission box.

*Receive the goods after they are delivered, and payment is made.


Click on the APPLY button below and submit your application with your desired position, visa type and expiration date, contact information, and resume. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. * Depending on the content of the resume and the application status, we may not be able to reply. Thank you for your understanding.

All the staff are looking forward to hearing from you!