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June 18, 2024
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ColdRamen / RamenToronto
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Refreshing! Cold Ramen with Yuzu – Perfect Summer Delight in Toronto.

⚡️ Cold Yuzu Shio Alert!

We are thrilled to announce the return of our refreshing Cold Yuzu Shio Ramen in Toronto this summer!

Every summer, our Yuzu Shio Ramen makes a highly-anticipated comeback, and the wait is finally over! Experience the unique flavors of our cold yuzu shio ramen, perfect for cooling down during the warm Toronto summer.

Imagine savoring a bowl of cold, homemade yuzu shio ramen on a hot summer day. The first bite brings a burst of citrusy yuzu that instantly refreshes your palate. The honey lemon adds a subtle sweetness that perfectly balances the savory, tender chicken cha-shu. Each spoonful of the rich broth, complemented by the crunch of fresh onion and green onion, and the creamy texture of the marinated egg, makes every bite an exquisite delight. The final touch of chili threads adds a gentle kick, making this ramen an unforgettable summer treat.

Available now for just $17.50. Don’t miss out on this summer’s ultimate ramen delight in Toronto. Order now and enjoy a refreshing bowl of our beloved Yuzu Shio Ramen!

Stay cool and savor the flavors of summer with us. 🌞✨

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