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January 4, 2023
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Happy New Year 2023

ramen RAIJIN store picture Toronto

?Happy New Year.

Business in 2023 will start already.

In 2022, so many customers came to the store, and the shop was always lively.

Thank you so much.

Blessed with wonderful customers, it was also introduced by online media as one of the recommended ramen shops in Toronto.

2023, this year, we would like to offer even more delicious and fresh ramen at our restaurants than last year, and we would like to continue to challenge ourselves to develop new ramen.

I would like to manufacture frozen ramen as much as possible and create an environment where as many people as possible can easily eat delicious ramen at home.

We will continue to work together as a team to spread more and more delicious ramen, so please support ramen RAIJIN as you did last year.?

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