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July 10, 2024
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Authentic Iekei-Style Ramen at Ramen RAIJIN – A Taste of Yokohama’s Culinary Revolution

Exciting News for Ramen Enthusiasts! Ramen RAIJIN is proud to unveil a culinary masterpiece straight from the heart of Yokohama – our authentic Iekei-style Ramen. This dish is not just a meal; it’s a revolution of flavors and traditions that we are now thrilled to share with you.

What is Iekei-style Ramen? Iekei-style ramen originates from Yokohama and is the innovative creation of Yoshimura Minoru. It is where the worlds of Hakata tonkotsu’s creamy pork broth meet the refined chicken and soy sauce broth of Tokyo-style shoyu ramen. This fusion results in a luxuriously rich, thick broth that clings perfectly to our specially crafted thick, straight noodles.

Each bowl is generously topped with tender pork cha-shu, fresh spinach, crisp green onions, and delicate nori seaweed, making every bite a celebration of Japanese culinary tradition and innovation.

Explore the Depth of Iekei-style Ramen Every bowl of our Iekei-style ramen pays homage to the depth and harmony of Japanese culinary arts. We invite you to experience this delightful fusion that captures the essence of Yokohama’s rich gastronomic legacy.

Visit us to taste this revolution in a bowl, crafted with passion and precision, ensuring that each ingredient shines in harmony. Join us in celebrating a true culinary art form that is both nourishing and comforting.

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