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November 24, 2022
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10th Anniversary Events | December 5-9

?10th Anniversary Alert [Date : December 5-9]

⚡Event 1: 10th Anniversary Special Ramen “Sanratan(Hot & Sour) Ramen”

Spicy and sour taste rich soup with Onsen(Soft-boiled) Egg. If you break the soft-boiled egg after eating half the ramen, the taste of the soup will change and you can enjoy it twice.?

⚡Event 2: 10th Anniversary ramen RAIJIN T-shirt (Limited to 50)

The 10th anniversary T-shirt has a handwritten RAIJIN logo on the left chest. There is also a cute handwritten text on the back, but I will tell you about it later.

This time, the product for sale is white, and the staff wears the same design, but the color is black.

Since it is limited to 50 copies, it is sure to become a rare item!

By the way, this T-shirt is also a collaboration project with Toronto based Japanese Fashion Brand. A cool tag is attached to the T-shirt, so please check it out.

⚡10th Anniversary RAIJIN Stickers(Free gift / Ends as soon as stock runs out)

In commemoration of the 10th anniversary, We made a sticker.

The popular ramen familiar to Raijin and the 10th anniversary ramen are hand-drawn, with Toronto and Raijin in Japanese katakana.

Don’t you think that the round shape is cute as well as the design? The text around the ramen is the same as the text on the 10th anniversary T-shirt.(Oh, it’s a secret.?)

We’re making a lot, but it will end as soon as it’s running out, so We’re waiting for you to come to the store early.

10 days left until the 10th-anniversary event. We are excited every day.?

Please visit us if you have a little time.

Click HERE for online reservations.

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