ramen RAIJIN

April 20, 2023
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ramen RAIJIN

Experience the Mystery and Deliciousness of a Bowl Packed with the Power of the Thunder God!

Did you know? The name ramen RAIJIN originates from the Japanese god Raijin.

Raijin: The Agriculture-related Deity in Japanese Mythology

Raijin is a god that symbolizes thunder in Japanese mythology, but was actually believed to be a god related to agriculture. ramen RAIJIN was born with the meaning of receiving the blessings of such a thunder god.

The Dynamic Image of Raijin

Raijin, drawn on the ramen bowl, has a dynamic and brave image while also conveying a sense of kindness. It is the very embodiment of the thunder god depicted in Japanese mythology.

Inside ramen RAIJIN: Raijin Statues and Objets d’Art

At ramen RAIJIN, a large wooden statue of Raijin is displayed in the store, and there is also an objet d’art with the image of thunder on the ceiling. Be sure to check out the Raijin statue and Raijin Bowls, imported from Japan over a long period of time.

A Divine Taste: Umami and Richness Packed Soup

The umami and richness of the soup made from scratch in the store, and the springiness of the noodles will make you feel as if you are receiving divine protection. By all means, please try ramen RAIJIN’s ramen while feeling the excitement and kindness of Raijin!

ramen RAIJIN
24 Wellesley St. West Rear
☎️ (647) 348-0667

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