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November 27, 2023
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ramen RAIJIN Celebrates 11 Years in Toronto with the Launch of Tenka-Ichi Super Rich Ramen

Join us in celebrating a remarkable milestone at ramen RAIJIN, your go-to destination for authentic Japanese cuisine in Toronto! This year marks our 11th anniversary, and we’re excited to commemorate this special occasion by introducing an exclusive culinary delight – the Tenka-Ichi Super Rich ramen.

Discover the Richness of Tenka-Ichi Super Rich

Our newest creation, the Tenka-Ichi Super Rich ramen, is a masterpiece crafted with the utmost care and culinary expertise.

The Ultimate Blend of Flavors

The dish features perfectly cooked straight noodles immersed in a sumptuous, creamy soup that masterfully blends a rich chicken-based broth with a unique 11-type vegetable potage.

Exquisite Toppings

Topped with succulent pork chashu, seasoned bamboo shoots, and crisp green onions, each bowl promises an unparalleled taste experience.

A Culinary Homage to Japan’s Ramen Legacy

The Tenka-Ichi Super Rich is more than just a dish; it’s a homage to Japan’s renowned ramen culture.

Crafted by Expert Hands

Our owner-chef Hiroshi has skillfully recreated a popular ramen style from a famous Japanese ramen chain, infusing it with his unique touch and our commitment to quality and flavor.

Perfect for Ramen Lovers and Foodies in Toronto

Whether you’re a long-time fan of ramen RAIJIN or a newcomer eager to explore the rich flavors of Japanese cuisine, the Tenka-Ichi Super Rich ramen is an experience not to be missed.

Limited Time Offer – Experience the Flavor Today!

Don’t miss out on this exclusive offering. The Tenka-Ichi Super Rich ramen is available only from December 4th to 20th.

Visit Ramen Raijin for the Ultimate Ramen Experience in Toronto

Looking for the best ramen in Toronto? ramen RAIJIN is your destination for authentic, flavorful, and rich Japanese cuisine.

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