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August 29, 2023
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Vancouver / Toronto
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Big News for B.C. Ramen Enthusiasts: ramen RAIJIN’s Authentic Frozen Ramen Has Arrived, Elevated by a New Culinary Partnership!

Attention, British Columbia ramen aficionados! The long-awaited moment is finally here, and it’s paired with a partnership that promises to redefine the ramen experience. As we continuously strive to cater to the culinary desires of our patrons, we’re unveiling a brand-new offering that’s a culmination of tradition, flavor, and collaboration.

A True Japanese Culinary Experience without the Travel: No need to journey across the ocean for an authentic Japanese ramen experience. From the savory Tonkotsu (Pork Bone Broth) Ramen to the classic Shoyu (Soy Sauce Broth) Ramen, our frozen range ensures you savor genuine Japanese flavors right at your dining table.

Crafted with Precision and Passion: This isn’t merely ramen; it’s a crafted experience. Produced under the exacting supervision of our owner-chef here in B.C., each bowl encapsulates the rich tradition and unparalleled taste of ramen RAIJIN.

Forging Stronger Ties with a Culinary Titan: ramen RAIJIN Partners with Azuma-tei: Here’s the big news! We’re ecstatic to announce our collaboration with Azuma-tei, a veritable titan in the realm of Japanese food products. For those who might be hearing the name for the first time, Azuma-tei has been a formidable presence in the Japanese food industry, renowned for their commitment to delivering only the finest and most authentic Japanese ingredients globally. Their seal is synonymous with quality and authenticity. This collaboration signifies a melding of shared passions, knowledge, and culinary artistry. With Azuma-tei’s expertise complementing our deep-rooted knowledge of ramen, every bowl from RAIJIN promises an experience that’s both traditional and groundbreaking.

Residents of British Columbia, with ramen RAIJIN’s authentic frozen ramen and our partnership with Azuma-tei, we’re setting the stage for a ramen renaissance. Together, we aim to elevate the ramen dining scene in B.C., ensuring that every bowl is a perfect blend of our intimate understanding of ramen and Azuma-tei’s vast legacy of authenticity.

Eager to witness this culinary evolution? Stay tuned to our blog for more updates, recipes, and tales of a partnership that promises to take ramen in British Columbia to unmatched heights.

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