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June 21, 2023
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ramen RAIJIN

Discover Toronto’s Authentic Japanese Cuisine at ramen RAIJIN

Toronto Best Ramen store ramen RAIJIN, Mini Ramen, Shoyu Ramen, Shio Ramen

In the heart of Toronto, a unique culinary experience awaits you at ramen RAIJIN, a renowned Japanese ramen shop. We’re thrilled to introduce our new mini ramen dish, available in both salt and soy sauce flavors. This innovative addition to our menu is a tribute to the distinctive Japanese tradition of a “final bowl” to conclude a meal, a concept we’re excited to share with the Toronto food scene.

Toronto Best Ramen store ramen RAIJIN, Sapporo beer Raijin logo

This new offering at ramen RAIJIN, one of Toronto’s top ramen destinations, was inspired by our desire to bring a slice of authentic Japanese dining culture to our patrons. Imagine wrapping up a delightful meal with friends with a perfectly portioned bowl of ramen, serving as the ultimate culinary finale to your evening. The simple yet profound flavors of salt and soy sauce in our mini ramen are designed to soothe and satisfy, encapsulating the essence of Japanese comfort food right here in Toronto.

Toronto Best Ramen store ramen RAIJIN, Mini Ramen, Shio Ramen
Toronto Best Ramen store ramen RAIJIN, Mini Ramen, Shoyu Ramen

At ramen RAIJIN, we’ve curated a selection of side dishes and drinks to complement this mini ramen, enhancing your dining experience at our Toronto location. The classic flavors of our new dish are sure to be a hit with everyone, making Ramen Raijin a must-visit ramen shop in Toronto.

As the season turns and the weather in Toronto becomes more comfortable, we invite you to embark on this new culinary journey at ramen RAIJIN. Who would you like to share this unique Toronto ramen experience with? And between salt ramen and soy sauce ramen, which one would you choose? We’re excited to hear about your choices and experiences. Your next ramen adventure in Toronto awaits at ramen RAIJIN.

ramen RAIJIN
24 Wellesley St. West Rear
☎️ (647) 348-0667

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