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January 30, 2023
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Tori Gyokai Shoyu Ramen 【2023/Feb】

Tori Gyokai Shoyu Ramen @ramen RAIJIN

⚡ramen RAIJIN proudly recommends new ramen starting in February.

?Tori(Chicken) Gyokai Shoyu Ramen.

The rich yet light aftertaste of the soup is a perfect match for the seafood broth, crisp bean sprouts, and moist chicken cha-shu.

The taste is truly exceptional, combined with the texture of the ingredients, the enjoyment spreads with each bite.

It is an irresistible dish for ramen lovers and is sure to become a popular menu item at ramen RAIJIN.

Please try the Tori Gyokai Shoyu Ramen once. You won’t regret it.?

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